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At the time of starting the course, I had just joined a team and was finding my feet as a Project Delivery professional; I had struggled with confidence issues despite feeling like a productive and valuable member of the team. It was whilst working through the different principles set out in the course that I started to grow in confidence, unlocking my potential and capability working to a high standard.

The course itself does not just have a work focused output, it’s very much applicable to all facets of your daily life from family to community; and can be best described as journey of self-reflection and personal growth. Vinny himself is a very enthusiastic mentor and coach, to the point it almost becomes infectious; his method of delivery and passion for what he is doing is clearly evidenced in the sessions.


It was over a period of 9 months, whilst undertaking the course and under Vinny’s tutelage, I really begun to excel professionally having since had two promotions; in addition to these achievements I feel that I now have an improved balance to my life, with a greater understanding of myself, enabling me to be more proactive and outgoing person than I was previously.

Perry McGonigle

I have found my sessions with Vinny really interesting and engaging. Vinny is very insightful and passionate about what he does, and has made me feel comfortable, encouraged and supported throughout. He has challenged me to look more closely at my own behaviours and outlook, which has positively impacted both my personal and professional life.

Shannah Kirke

Before completing the course I had very little confidence in myself and my skills. By completing the course I have recognised my abilities and what I can bring to the workplace.


I have also applied this learning to my personal life which has shown positive results in having richer 


My biggest achievement has been a promotion two levels higher than I was before I began the course. 

Before the course I wouldn't have had the confidence to go for the position.

Emma Needham 


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